The benefits of keeping your ageing parents at home

There are some serious advantages to choosing to forego the usual retirement home for your parents. Have a look at what home-based care can offer.

Reasons to Let Your Mom and Dad Stay Put

If you have an ageing parent, I am willing to take a bet you have spent a couple -or more than a couple- of sleepless nights, worrying about what the future holds for them. When faced with the intimidating task of caring for the elderly, many of us don’t even know where to begin. But, actually, the answer may be as simple as letting your mom and dad stay where they are, and allowing them to age gracefully, and comfortably, at home.

The Benefits of Home-Based Care
Beyond the cost saving factor, home care allows your parents the chance to stay in the home they know and love. By surrounding them with a safe environment, you could also be prolonging their health, not to mention the wonders this would do for the wellbeing of your whole family.

Whether you decide to hire in professional carers or not, home-based care provides a good array of advantages for both the recipient thereof, and the family extending it. I have offered a number of considerations that will hopefully help you make a more informed decision about keeping your aged parents at home.

Home Care Encourages Recovery

No matter what the duration is, staying at a hospital is a traumatising experience. Undergoing rapid-fire medical procedures can leave older people in a compromised state, and there is nothing to beat rehabilitation in the comfort of one’s own home.

Being in an environment that is familiar allows someone to be on the receiving end of the best kind of support in terms of healing both the body and mind, and research shows that home care speeds up recovery times. There is also a significant reduction in the chance of re-hospitalisation being required when people recuperate at home.

Home Care Saves Money

While moving your parents into a nursing home is the traditional solution, this kind of institutional care comes with a huge price tag attached. A good rule of thumb is that eight hours, or less, of home care per day will be a lot less expensive than that same care in a facility would be.

Staying in a home environment also helps to keep the brain active, and although there are so many different forms of entertainment on offer, with games even being developed to identify the early signs of Alzheimer’s, nothing beats the mental stimulation of constant social interaction.

Home Care Keeps Your Family Together

When sickness strikes, the familial bond is the one to take centre stage. Families are a vital source of support technically, mentally, and emotionally, for the aging, but what is often overlooked is how much these older members of our tribe give in return.

Staying engaged in daily tasks, and helping with chores around the house will keep your mom and dad a lot more sprightly for a lot longer, and will create memories that your children, if you have any, will cherish for a lifetime.

You can enjoy unrestricted visiting hours, and find new ways to interact with your mother and father as you both explore the new dynamics of your changing relationship, and as much as you would be helping them, there is no doubt in my mind that they would be helping you, too.

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