Harassment excuse about Tory MP’s behaviour defies belief

Sometimes I feel as if I have heard it all but then something new comes along which makes me realise that the cesspit really is a bottomless one. No pun intended but a Tory MP accused of groping men was ‘trying to hold onto their bottoms to stop his drunken self from falling over’.

The MP for Aberdeen South, Ross Thomson, had spent much of Tuesday evening this week drinking at the Commons’ bar. Witnesses describe him as being ‘incredibly drunk’. The Scotland Office minister, Lord Duncan, tried to get Mr Thompson to leave. He obliged but kept returning to the bar.

One ‘helpful’ MP who has not been named has offered the excuse that Mr Thompson was holding on to bottoms only as a self-preservation exercise to stop himself from falling over.

I travel on over crowded trains and tubes and always aim for a solid structure to hang onto like an overhanging strap or the side of a seat. Other normal people do the same. Bottoms? Seriously!


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