Driverless cars in a car-crash of an economy

I am not an economist but it is patently clear that driverless cars is, surely, not a priority given the state of the economy. Brexit is casting a serious pall on the future of the economy, the European Medicines Agency is being relocated to Amsterdam from the UK resulting in 900 job losses, universal credit is causing severe hardship, child poverty is on the rise, the NHS is in severe need of funds and women have been suffering from the effects of austerity for far too long.

Driverless cars seem as much a solution to the problem as giving fish bicycles to accelerate away from the toxic effects of plastic microbeads in the ocean.

We were fed a delusion about austerity being a necessity.  ‘No money’ is still the mantra 7.5 years after it was imposed. The quest for the Holy Grail equivalent of the ‘budget surplus’ is more akin to hunting for the needle in the haystack.

According to the Women’s Budget Group by 2020 women will shoulder 85% of the burden of the government’s changes to the tax and benefits system with low-income black and Asian women paying the highest price; 4.3 million women suffer domestic violence over their lifetime, 1.2 million women suffer domestic violence each year and 450,000 women are victims of sexual violence annually but there is insufficient funding for either victims’ services or preventive interventions; and that women lose more than men from cuts to Universal Credit.

When austerity was imposed in 2010 it was done, according to millionaire and then chancellor George Osborne, for the sake of our children’s futures. Good old George didn’t want our kids to be saddled with a national debt the size of his family’s bank account so he imposed austerity instead which depleted our personal bank accounts and led to a downward spiral of child poverty which continues till today.

With this car crash of an economy I would have thought that a driverless car economy was just what nobody needs. Even car guru Jeremy Clarkson who never minces his words has warned about driverless cars being an accident waiting to happen.  If one were being unkind one could draw parallels between the introduction of driverless cars by a driverless government in a driverless economy.






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  1. Dom
    November 21, 2017 / 6:48 am

    Rather confusing post. Conflating many different issues here.

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