It only takes one woman and on ‘Today’ it was Jo Swinson

Jo Swinson, deputy leader of the Liberal Democrat party, was interviewed on the Today programme by host John Humphrys. At the end of the interview Jo challenged John Humphrys about whether he had apologised to Carrie Gracie over his remarks.

Carrie Gracie is the former BBC China Editor who resigned when she discovered her pay disparity compared to male colleagues. John Humphrys made light of the situation in the way that only an establishment figure with an over inflated ego can do.

It only takes one woman on behalf of the sisterhood to challenge misogyny and Jo Swinson was right on the mark. You can read more here.  The sisterhood is a collective. It’s never been about each woman striking out on her own or defending herself against discrimination as a lone wolf. However, sometimes it takes one woman to open the floodgates on behalf of others.

The ‘New Republic’ has published a series of essays on the #metoo movement. Almost in each piece is a tribute to the one woman who stood up to make a difference.

That is how the ‘sisterhood’ is done. Women making ridiculous accommodations for men will never understand this kinship that is borne out of a community that does not require personal introductions or a personal bond to survive and thrive. We don’t all know each other. How can we when there are billions of us spread globally? Instead, the bond survives on empathy and imagination because patriarchy and misogyny are global malaises. Our personal experiences can be extrapolated to be converted into support for women whom we have never met.





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