When a mother is raped while out with her toddler we need International Women’s Day

While we celebrate the victories of women on International Women’s Day let us not forget that there are still reasons as to why we need a dedicated day to raise awareness of the constant dangers that women face. 

A mother who was out walking by the sea in Redcar with her toddler was raped. They were abducted and forced into a car by two men in broad daylight. It is a story that makes me want to weep for so many reasons. 

Firstly, the fact that she was with her child raised no pricking of conscience in the two men. What possesses such depraved human beings to ignore the basic decencies of society? 

Secondly, that the toddler, presumably, witnessed the rape and will probably suffer trauma for a long time. 

Thirdly, the mother’s uphill struggle now in coping with her own rape while comforting her child and ensuring that no lasting damage is done to the poor little mite. I feel so very sorry for both them. 

For as long as mothers are harassed, raped, become victims of domestic violence and many more feminist mothering will be relevant as a weapon against male dominance. 


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