A Powerful Message from a Pro-Hillary Feminist

Many women are despairing over a Trump presidency which is now a foregone conclusion. There isn’t anything that can be done to change the decision but for one woman change and a fightback will be a personal mission. This is her powerful and moving message which I am proud to publish

Chimine Nicole 

I jolted out of bed this morning, thinking back on the dream I was having over the night.
I was in my biological father’s home. There was a party. But everyone who had ever hurt me was there. I was supposed to just be at this party and ignore the fact that my father had abused me and my mother had abandoned me. I was searching the house for something hard to drink, I couldn’t be present, I needed to disengage.

When I woke up – it took a nano second to realize that a Trump presidency was the equivalent of having to share space with the people who have physically, emotionally and spiritually abused me throughout my entire life.

You may have not liked Hillary, but Hillary represents every woman who has had to live in tyranny their entire life. Like the year I spent crying myself to sleep living under my father’s abusive dictatorship. Or the afternoon I was raped by a serial rapist in my own room, on my own bed, at seventeen years old. Or the handful of times I asked a man to stop and he ignored my pleas.

When my daughter woke up, all I could do is hold her. THIS is not the world I want her to grow up in. Where the leader of her country thinks it’s totally acceptable to grab women “by the pussy.” I loathe the day I have to tell my daughter that her birthright as a woman is that men will violate her body every chance they get. Whether it be a daily micro aggression about her skin, her hair or her body shape. Or one actually forces themself on her.

If you voted for Trump: I may never change your mind. But I will make sure everyday you see me. You will hear my name. You will know that I personally am effected by your choices. You will know how you impact my children. You will know how you impact every woman and child in your life. I will remind you. Until you find your true voice.
Its time for feminists to unite. This is enough.
Chimine has spent her life as an activist to end violence against woman. As a teenager she was raped by a serial rapist whom later received a 107 years to life sentence. Since becoming a mother in 2013, Chimine has been working on her PhD from California Institute of Integral Studies looking at the relationship between patriarchy, rape culture, intergenerational violence and breastfeeding. Her current work at Mental Health Systems is creating a “mother-centered” approach to curriculum to help mothers heal trauma through bonding with their children. She has received the Valor Award from Community Service Programs as well as been honored by the D.A. in Orange Country at the first annual Victim Rights Walk for her tireless contribution to the welfare of women and children.


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  1. November 9, 2016 / 10:17 pm

    Thanks so much for writing this, we so need your voice, thank you

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