The ’60 Minute Mother’-making time for yourself over a week

The ’60 Minute Mother’ is a concept that I have come up with to encourage mothers to spend 60 minutes a week thinking about themselves. As mothers, we tend to look after everyone else and place ourselves last in the limited amount of time that we have. Yet, self-care is crucial to well-being.

The ’60 Minute Mother’ came to me recently when I chanced upon an Instagram post which urged women to spend 60 minutes a day on themselves. The post ended with a message along the lines of how every woman could achieve this if they managed their time well.

There is a certain arrogance that abounds within the self-care industry and it is the assumption that life is static and predictable, time is waiting to be managed as opposed to being a constant battle to manage and that a Zen like state is achievable on a daily basis. The self-care industry can also be exclusionary of mothers. Mothers of children below the age of 18 are still running around caring for them.

As your child gets older you manage to snatch a little more time for yourself but the universal truth is that mothers are always short of time. It just goes with the job.

My daughter is now 19 and I have heaps more time than I ever did but I also have caring responsibility for an elderly person. Mothers are increasingly being sandwiched between caring for elderly relatives, their own children while keeping house, job and self in check.

If we are to function as mothers and do justice to ourselves as individuals, we need to start prioritising ourselves.

Spending 60 minutes, an hour, a week thinking about yourself, doing something you like or just having a kip. It’s your time and it’s manageable. You could break the time up into daily slots ranging from a few minutes a day to doing a full 60 minutes in one go or even in half hour slots.

Every Monday I will post new thoughts for the week on how you could be spending your 60 minutes. Working mothers, for example, may want to think about how to achieve a greater work-life balance. Spending some time in the week will help you. Stay at home mothers may be craving time to do all those things that they wish they could do. Spending some time thinking about strategies will revitalise you.

I have set out ideas for this launch week in my poster above which suggests a ‘wish list’. There is something rather delicious about making a wish list of what you would do if you could.

At core, the ’60 Minute Mother’ is about taking time out in a week for yourself to think or do what it is that will make you feel better about yourself. Do let me know please how you get on.

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