Women ARE Killed In ‘Nice Streets’

Yvonne Walsh and baby Harry who were found dead at their home

When will people wake up and realise that violence against women does NOT have boundaries of any kind. It is not affiliated to a political system, economic system, class system and, most of all, is not defined by post codes or any geographical boundary.

Tragically, a mother and her 9 month old baby were killed in the West Midlands this week. Newspaper reports seem to suggest that the man arrested over the crime knew the victims. There is a strong hint that domestic violence was the cause of the deaths. Residents who live in the area were quoted as saying  that it was “quite a nice road with nice people”. So, nice suburbia had been hit by violence thereby shattering the illusions of many who thought domestic abuse was only to be found in ‘no-go’areas for bad folk.

According to Women’s Aid, the UK’s national domestic violence charity, at least 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence in their lifetime. That’s a quarter of women living in the UK and they cannot all be housed in deprived areas implicit in the opinions given about ‘nice road’.  Domestic violence perpetrated by males is caused by a desire to control and manipulate. Putting on a nice suit and tie is not a suit of armor against hurting women.

Postcode domestic abuse and violence is a theory probably discovered and propagated by the middle and upper classes to act as a lid on the truth of what really goes on behind closed doors in nice areas.


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