Five Reasons Why Mothers Should Be Feminists

Feminist mothering is a perspective within feminism which positions the mother both as a feminist in her own right and as a mother who imparts her feminist values in the rearing of her children. Given the rise in the violence against females and the online abuse hurled at women who pose anything marked as ‘feminist’, never has the time been more ripe for mothers to practice feminist mothering. Here are the reasons why:

1. If you are teaching your child to be wary of a crime that is mainly male perpetrated i.e rape, sex abuse. This is as opposed to warning your child about ANY crime that can be committed by both genders i.e mugging, bag snatchers, gang violence etc.

2. If you are worried about your daughter’s skirt being too short (even if it’s at the knee!) for fear of something awful happening and she being accused of ‘asking for it’.

3. If you are worried about your son being exposed to jibes about being ‘gay’ or ‘a girlie’ because he doesn’t conform to the macho stereotype.

4. If you are worried about the constant gender stereo type images portrayed in the media about how girls and boys should behave and the effect this is having on your child.

5. If you are worried about the constant pressure on your daughter to conform with the early sexualisation of girls so as not to be different from others and not to waste her time by being too smart because boys will not like her. 


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