An Angry Feminist Mother Moment

The crudeness of misogyny is utterly disgraceful and I am amazed that the men who practise it in the most mundane of situations do not feel demeaned by it themselves, thereby proving that misogynists have little brains. 

On Sunday afternoon my daughter and I were taking the shopping out of the car. She is 13 years old and had shorts on. The weather was sunny. A car screeched to a halt.There were 3 young men in it. It happened so fast. I thought they were lost. They looked at my daughter’s legs, saw the look on my face and sped off quickly with their tyres screeching. Another minute or two and I would have thrown a shopping bag at them. How has it come about that young men, old men and any men have the audacity to feel that they have a right to intimidate females in this way? It was an angry feminist mother moment especially because I constantly feel that I am being dragged back to Ground Zero in fighting the patriarchy. The feminist fight ought to have moved on from female clothing.  


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