Can ‘hysterical’ women bring about peace?

I don’t think Americans are intrinsically more homicidal than British people. We’ve had massacres in the past. One, at Dunblane, was very similar to the one in Connecticut today. The thing is, after the Dunblane tragedy the women of Dunblane, backed by the women of the UK, made such a fuss about the possession of guns and were so tenacious in their campaign to have them banned that the government gave in and banned handguns. In fact, when you look back, it becomes apparent that most moves towards a safer society (especially in respect of the safety of children) have come about because of the campaigning of “hysterical” women. It strikes me that the “hysterical” women of the USA should get their act together and change their society. They should start by getting rid of the right to bear arms from the Constitution. The problem is, of course, that in England it was really only men who were opposed to stricter gun controls, whilst in the USA women seem to have a fetish about guns as much as, if not more than, men.

This blog post was written by my favourite Christian blogger who calls him ‘Mad Priest’, otherwise known as Jonathan Hagger.