Feminist Mother-a solitary existence?

This blog post of mine has been inspired by a similar one written by bluemilk called ‘Break-the-isolation-join-the-list’ and my experience of speaking at the recent MIRCI (Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement) conference in Toronto.

I am quite used to speaking in public but when I got up to speak at MIRCI I was nervous as anything because I felt as if I was about to reveal a stream of inner consciousness and thought. In my normal day to day life I don’t get the opportunity to discuss the ideologies and practical experiences of being a feminist mother.

Mothering in the public sphere seems to be about discussing a list of things ‘to do’ with one’s child. Mothering in the private domestic setting is about ‘doing things’ with one’s children. The deficit lies in discussing how a mother’s personal experiences of feminism can shape a child’s cognitivie, psychological and emotional development.

I am on a mission to rectify the situation and will be speaking at Occupy St.Paul’s, London, UK on November 12 at 11am on Feminist Mothering. Specifically, I am hoping to start a UK Mother Outlaws group (originated by MIRCI) and am hoping that enough interest will be generated at Occupy St.Paul’s to get the ball rolling.


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