Hating People with Disabilities Breaks Society

Is society broken? I pondered on this question today when I helped a man who was using a zimmer frame. His shoe lace was undone and I was afraid that he would trip himself up. I asked him if he wanted me to tie the lace and he did. We were in a supermarket and people had to walk around us in the aisle. Some found this inconvenient and made it known.

If society cannot stop for a minute or two to make allowances for those who need a bit more time to get through life then, frankly, something is wrong. The inability to incorporate the differences in the physical or mental conditions of those who live in our midst is a failing of modern society. This failing stems partly from the false economy of placing paramount importance on beauty and body size and holding it up as the benchmark for bodily perfection.

However, the main failing of society is down to plain discriminatory attitudes. There’s no beating about the bush with this.


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