Al Qaeda’s Abuse of Women

Osama Bin Laden is dead but I fear that Al Qaeda’s mistreatment of women will still continue. Evidence in the past week seems to suggest that Al Qaeda will carry on the legacy of death and destruction despite the leader’s death because history has shown that such malevolent acts became a trade mark of the organisation practising it for as long as the organisation continues to exist. The abuse of women was long part of the subversive culture of the organisation.

In 2007 it was discovered in Iraq that Al Qaeda had been using rape as a weapon of terror against those women who had been deemed to have transgressed their ‘laws’ or, purely, for the pleasure of executing an act of violence. Members would break into houses and gang rape women and then take the women back to an Al Qaeda cell to be gang raped by the others. Often young girls were kidnapped because there was a high chance that these girls were virgins.

Quite ludicrously, to put it mildly, women’s basic freedoms were curtailed to the extent that a ban was imposed on them buying cucumbers because of a cucumber’s resemblance to being a phallic symbol. More seriously, women haven’t been allowed to work, be educated and move around freely in society. Al Qaeda is rightly seen as an enemy of the west but many acts of cruelty are conducted against Muslim women too as this shows.

I hope that the abuse of women by Al Qaeda will form a part of Western considerations when dealing with those countries or organisations who are sympathetic to Al Qaeda’s aims. Women’s rights is an international issue and a global approach is needed to address women’s plight in the face of religious fundamentalism


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