MIRCI Portugal 2011

After months of looking forward to this conference I can’t believe that it is almost upon us. I will be speaking on the second day of the conference (19/2) in the morning on a subject that defines me as a mother. I firmly believe that ambition in mothering is crucial to both empowering yourself as a mother and in empowering your child to take his/her place in the world. Mothers are raising the next generation of adults in an increasingly ‘squeezed’ world economy where scarcity is the name of the game. Whether it’s jobs, a place at a good educational establishment, health rights or work friendly environments mothers face challenges everywhere. Our advocacy on our children’s behalf is as crucial a role as our nurturing one of feeding, loving and clothing our children. The social construction of motherhood is evolving as it pushes back against traditional patriarchical structures and, also, in response to global challenges. Motherhood has become a site for political and social activism and being empowered is the engine of drive for this new model.
I look forward to meeting other like minded mothers in Portugal.


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