Negotiating Sundays for a Bored Teen

Boredom must be an undiscovered synonym of teenhood. How does it come to pass that a child who was extremely resourceful at finding things to do (examine cracks in pavements, stare at a slug on the pathway for ages) has suddenly jettisoned everyday experiences for …well nothing. ‘I am bored’ has become an interchangeable phrase in my home with ‘I am hungry’ or ‘What’s happening today?’ It slips out as easily as that from her mouth. I suggested that she invite a friend over and heaved a sigh of relief when the friend turned up. It didn’t take long though for one bored person to become two bored people. The power of the multiplication of teenage experience never ceases to amaze me. I suggested a few things but in the end they were happy to settle for pizza at home, eaten while watching a movie on TV. Bearing in mind that these solutions were at hand already I do wonder why a rigmarole has to be endured with teens before peace reigns. 


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  1. June 26, 2014 / 10:42 am

    Let them be bored, it's our job to feed them, listen to problems, teach them life skills and occasionally treat them, we are not entertainers. If they're that bored they'll find something to do. We need to force kids to so stuff off their own back and be more independent it's part of finding out who they are.

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