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  • Mental Wellness Challenge for April

    Mental Wellness Challenge for April
  • No More Hurt

    No More Hurt
  • A Review of ‘Pig Wrestling’

    A Review of ‘Pig Wrestling’
  • I am taking up Mindfulness in 2019

    I am taking up Mindfulness in 2019
  • Reflect on your 2018 achievements

    Reflect on your 2018 achievements
  • Confronting fear and anxiety

    Confronting fear and anxiety

How to survive the European Election results tonight if you are a Liberal

Teddy Roosevelt, American President, once said that “to anger a conservative, lie to him; to anger a liberal, tell him the truth.” I strongly suspect that this will be the mindset of many Liberals tonight…

Hey older woman, just don’t stop please

The singer Madonna has an immense ability to stir up controversy and has always done so ever since she first came into the public domain decades ago. Off hand, I can think about how her…

My daughter isn’t enjoying university and I don’t know how to help her

We did everything by the book. By this, I am referring to the unwritten books of ‘Mothering in a Capitalist World‘ or ‘How to bring up a potentially strong citizen who goes on to become…

Remember the old fashioned rotary phone?

In one of those ‘when I was younger’ moments during which you tell (bore) your children about how different things were then, I recounted a story to my daughter about how I used a phone…

A really quick Vegan stir fry

When it comes to cooking, I go for the easy option. Everything is thrown together in one frying pan. My desire for haste has to be balanced against my penchant for food with flavours. Sitting…

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, is in labour but the one question on my mind

While most parents may wonder about the sex of their child, mixed race parents have the added thrill of wondering what skin colour their child will have. I suspect that the press will be too…

Is this the death knell of Corbyn’s leadership?

This is part of the speech delivered by the PM today to Tory party members in Grimsby. There is something rather chilling about it. An image of a typical scene from a B-grade Hollywood type…

Interesting links on Lib Dem success at the local elections

Jo Swinson was on the BBC election programme overnight and did extremely well in setting out the party’s pro-Remain position. She managed the spectacular task of treading a line between not being overly optimistic about…

Being a low to middle income earner in a picturesque place can end up costing you

There is a housing crisis on the Island of Arran, Scotland, which is resulting in some islanders having to live in caravans due to homes being bought by the well-off as holiday lets or second…

Vince Cable ought to make the EU central to local electioneering

The local elections to be held on 2 May presents a great opportunity to take a causal approach between the Lib Dem pro-Remain position and the local elections. According to a report by the London…

Oh No Joe Biden

A porn President in the White House and a rival with a good chance of toppling him has his credentials called into question over harassment allegations. This has all the makings of the sort of…

“With two clicks of my first search I could have watched Girl Gets Raped” – Mums Make Porn

‘Mums Make Porn’ was Channel 4’s highest rated show in the first week of Episode 1 (3 episodes in total) being screened. It features five mums, including me, who set out to raise awareness of…


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