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Interesting articles on the Lib Dems

Here is a collection of stories doing the rounds on the party: New Statesman: So why aren’t the Lib Dems standing down in Canterbury? The Independent: Could the Lib Dems really avoid doing a deal…

Start your Mondays with a plan for the week

If I don’t have a list I become listless and pointless. Planning is crucial to my week. It acts as a signpost for my ambition and serves as an action plan for things that I…

A bereavement amid politics reminds me of what is important

Since the election starter gun was fired, politics has dominated my reading and thoughts. Then something happened. Something quite devastating and debilitating. A woman who has been a mother figure to me for 38 years…

Are you a bully?

For every person bullied, there is a bully. For everyone whose life is being made miserable by someone (or more) that ‘someone (or more)’ is the culprit. It mystifies me as to why an enormous…

‘Can I have a white doctor for the operation?’

Racist abuse against NHS staff almost triples, ITV News finds. Watch the video here.

Will an election change things?

Status quo, deja vu or possibility for change? How you view the impending general election on 12 December depends very much on whether your glass is half full, half empty or, even, cracked. The outcome…

My spooky story from 17 years ago

It’s something that still scares me to bits. No one can ever tell me that it was my imagination. When my daughter, Maelo, was 3 years old she started playing with imaginary people. Whenever I…

According to the New Yorker, ‘The worst is most likely yet to come’, on Brexit

“The shape of the future is now visible. The uncertainty has receded. The worst is most likely yet to come. “ Depending on which side of the Brexit divide you are on the words are either…

London Underground tells it as it is about menopause

It’s World Menopause Day today and I think this whiteboard message is spot on. I have crashing fatigue, dizziness, vertigo, hot and cold flushes and that’s just this week. If you are expecting me to…

“We take ‘pride’ in being out, but for some it’s just not possible”

Being an ally to the Gay community is important to me even though I am not gay. When I was growing up in Asia, gay people were seen as ‘others’ whose lifestyles were not acceptable.…


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