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  • Mental Wellness Challenge for April

    Mental Wellness Challenge for April
  • No More Hurt

    No More Hurt
  • A Review of ‘Pig Wrestling’

    A Review of ‘Pig Wrestling’
  • I am taking up Mindfulness in 2019

    I am taking up Mindfulness in 2019
  • Reflect on your 2018 achievements

    Reflect on your 2018 achievements
  • Confronting fear and anxiety

    Confronting fear and anxiety

Be the person who stops to listen during Loneliness Awareness Week

It is the start of ‘Loneliness Awareness Week’. Looking through the Twitter feed, most articles offer advice on how to break out of the loneliness space but what is lacking is advice to stop and…

The awful realisation that the person sitting beside you is watching porn

I used a public internet cafe recently out of necessity. It was situated in the basement in Central London. A sense of foreboding came over me as I descended the stairs. There were men in…

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet and watching your child sob is heartbreaking

Our lovely Sarah Bluebell was a Ginger cat who loved Haagen-Daz ice-cream, cat milk only if it was poured from a height (strange), dry food and drinking from a cat water fountain. We had the…

The ’60 Minute Mother’-making time for yourself over a week

The ’60 Minute Mother’ is a concept that I have come up with to encourage mothers to spend 60 minutes a week thinking about themselves. As mothers, we tend to look after everyone else and…

Why would Corbyn blow his political capital?

Let me state at the outset that I like Jeremy Corbyn. He is a rare conviction politician in a sea of self-serving career politicians. Corbyn cares. Pure and simple. He gets how austerity has decimated…

How to survive the European Election results tonight if you are a Liberal

Teddy Roosevelt, American President, once said that “to anger a conservative, lie to him; to anger a liberal, tell him the truth.” I strongly suspect that this will be the mindset of many Liberals tonight…

Hey older woman, just don’t stop please

The singer Madonna has an immense ability to stir up controversy and has always done so ever since she first came into the public domain decades ago. Off hand, I can think about how her…

My daughter isn’t enjoying university and I don’t know how to help her

We did everything by the book. By this, I am referring to the unwritten books of ‘Mothering in a Capitalist World‘ or ‘How to bring up a potentially strong citizen who goes on to become…

Remember the old fashioned rotary phone?

In one of those ‘when I was younger’ moments during which you tell (bore) your children about how different things were then, I recounted a story to my daughter about how I used a phone…

A really quick Vegan stir fry

When it comes to cooking, I go for the easy option. Everything is thrown together in one frying pan. My desire for haste has to be balanced against my penchant for food with flavours. Sitting…

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, is in labour but the one question on my mind

While most parents may wonder about the sex of their child, mixed race parents have the added thrill of wondering what skin colour their child will have. I suspect that the press will be too…


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