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Just how broad can a broadchurch become?

I feel as if I have been here many times before. An association, group, party, organisation, call it whatever you wish, sets in motion a change which causes seismic breaks in the norms of its…

‘The challenges a Muslim woman faces’

“I only get half share of any inheritance of what my brothers get.” “During prayers, I cannot pray in the same row as my sons but must always be behind them.” “As a wife, I…

A Guide to Using Essential Oils Around Your Pets

Every day, more households are making an effort to go natural. Essential oils have become a must-have tool for families trying to eliminate chemicals from their home and taking a DIY approach to life. However,…

Full text of Johnson’s statement given at 6pm today

If you missed watching the speech live, here it is in full: Five weeks ago I spoke to you from these steps and said that this government was not going to hang around and that…

Should Malaysia be celebrating?

It’s 62 years today since Malaysia gained independence from British Rule. Happy Merdeka/Happy Independence Day fellow Malaysians but is it? Yes, we may have self-rule and autonomy over our own present and future but how…

Fox News Host rebukes Trump

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Las Vegas is where capitalism goes to receive oxygen

William Pearson’s 1965 novel, The Muses of Ruin: An ordinary fellow from a place like South Bend, Indiana can’t wait to catch the first plane to Vegas. For thirty bucks a day he and his…

Who would have thought that dancing could be so controversial-blogging from Las Vegas

One would have thought that dance and any sort of culture war associated with it would have moved with the times for the word ‘war’ to be delinked from ‘culture’. Elvis died 42 years ago.…

Walter Mitty went to Greenland – blogging from Las Vegas

Sometimes real life collides with fiction. Walter Mitty needed to get to Greenland in a great hurry from America and he made it. The only difference being that Walter Mitty didn’t daydream it all. In the…


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First Malaysian to appear on British Reality TV