Advocating a self-care routine for mothers

January was an absolute whirr of activity. It was back to the normal routine but with a bang. February brings some semblance of normality. Through it all mothers are holding it together for their families but what about themselves? My concept of the ’60 minute mother’ urges mothers to remember that they are entitled to some self-care and self-love too.

Too often we place ourselves last on our list of priorities or, even worse, we forget to put ourselves on the list. This was something that I omitted to do when my daughter was growing up and, looking back now, I wish I had for the simple reason that I would have been less frazzled and less exhausted.

I was often ill and suffered from ‘brain fog’. My whole ethos in life is ‘to make a difference’ and this is what my concept of the ’60 Minute Mother’ aims to do – to urge mums to prioritize their mental and physical health.

Get that book out which you have been wanting to read. Book that exercise class which you have been wanting to take. Whatever it is spend an hour this week on yourself. Let me know how you got on


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