Will an election change things?

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Status quo, deja vu or possibility for change? How you view the impending general election on 12 December depends very much on whether your glass is half full, half empty or, even, cracked. The outcome may be that Brexit is never put into process meaning that the status quo of remaining in the EU carries on. We had a general election two years ago and have been here before. That election didn’t solve the Brexit issue. On the other hand, the outcome of the election may bring some sort of change.

Whatever optimism you may manage to summon up or, perhaps, pessimism that you cannot quell you have to agree that politics seems like a busted flush at the moment.

The only certainties are that people want profound change. The change which I, personally, would like to see is a new social contract based on a renewed commitment to public services and people power. What we have at the moment doesn’t work and has evolved into a crisis of the state.

Racism is on the rise, according to the UN Poverty Report child poverty in the UK is at an alarming rate, adolescent mental health is in crisis and even the Sovereignty of Parliament is questioned on a daily basis.

Revoking Article 50 won’t totally solve the crisis. Pushing Brexit through won’t solve the problem. Something far more fundamental and structural is needed to bring about change. This general election is being seen as Brexit related only and this is nothing but a short termism view. The effects will be felt for generations and the implications will unfurl over the same period.



  1. Shona Brown
    November 3, 2019 / 9:31 am

    You are spot on Jane, election won’t solve the current divisions in our country. No matter what happens with Brexit fifty percent of the population will remain discontented.

    The general mood in Scotland is moving towards independence as our views on Brexit continue to be ignored. I’m at heart a unionist and even I’m beginning to think going alone may be a credible option and a way to distance us from this toxic society that is the UK. Without Ruth Davidson Tories likely to lose all Scottish seats. An own goal for BJ!

    • ambitiousmamas
      November 11, 2019 / 11:27 am

      Dear Shona,

      Thanks so much for leaving a comment. Independence and Brexit will be the issues for Scotland, as you say. I do feel for people like you who are unionists. The politicians haven’t made it an easy choice.


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