Meet Rob Blackie, Lib Dem shortlist mayoral candidate

Jane Chelliah, Rob Blackie and Lord Brian Paddick

I have known Rob Blackie for 8 years and am absolutely delighted that he has made the Lib Dem shortlist to stand as the party’s mayoral candidate. Rob is a Lib Dem legend and is well known from his days as the party’s Director of Policy.

Rob is one of life’s gifts. He is always warm, friendly, ready to dispense advice and help when needed and is highly intelligent. His dedication to the party and to public life is unwavering.

I first met Rob and his wife Tamora Langley when she was standing in Lewisham Deptford during the 2010 general election. I babysat their first born while Rob and Tam went knocking on doors in the evenings and at weekends. Rob ran the campaign and it was a hugely friendly and welcoming one for the way in which it energised volunteers and drew out young people in the community who had never engaged with politics before. While the seat was a safe Labour one, there was a big swing to the Lib Dems. The Labour majority was slashed by thousands of votes.

The icing on the general election cake though was the fact that we stole a  council seat off Labour in the ward which was thought to have been a water tight Labour win. Rob took the Lib Dems from third place to a WIN. This success was down to Rob’s personality and his leadership of the campaign.

Rob is now standing on an anti-Brexit platform bringing to it his experience as a strategist at the leading anti-Brexit campaign group, ‘Best for Britain’. Gina Miller started this group.

For an in-depth look at what Rob stands for please click here.

Two other candidates have announced their inclusion on the Lib Dem shortlist: Lucy Salek and Siobhan Benita. There were previously press reports about Dinesh Dhijama, a multi-millionaire businessman, throwing his hat in the ring too.



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