My daughter has been asking me all day to help her make sense of Trump’s Singapore meeting

Maelo has been asking me all day to help her make sense of Trump’s meeting with a dictator held on the tiny island of Singapore which, apparently, many people had never heard of before but which Britain’s elite Brexiters want us to emulate post-Brexit.

Maelo has the flu and has been bed ridden for four days now. She keeps telling me that her “brain isn’t working” and wants me to interpret the world for her while she lies closeted and frustrated in her bedroom. Her questions and arguments normally spark thoughts and ideas within me but I was at a loss today to explain what Trump’s meeting with North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong Un, had been about.

Was the summit about making deals or foreign policy? Was it about real estate or world peace? Are Condos and hotels the new American export equivalent of Liberal Democracy? Is international relations now conducted along the lines of clairvoyancy because Trump declared that he would know within the first minute or so whether Kim was sincere in his efforts simply through touch and feel?

If Kim was sincere about denuclearization the question arises as to why he would give up the one thing that seems to hold the world in thrall to him? Would he not be just another puppet of China without all that arsenal? Or more of a puppet should I say?

Then there’s Trump’s sense of Alpha Male-ry which borders on Gorilla typesque diplomacy. Justin Trudeau who is seen as being as closest to God that a politician can be is called ‘meek and mild’ while Kim is a man of many ‘talents’ and loves his country. Trudeau would never let Canadians starve to death while Kim does it all the time without seemingly giving it a second thought. Trump, nevertheless, told us that Kim loves his country very, very much. Perhaps Kim would love his country more if his people died out and he was able to sell the land to Trump which may explain the references to ‘real estate’ by Trump. Also, how much ‘talent’ does it take, if any, to be the hereditary son of a dictator as Kim is? There is no art of politics involved is there when you simply command people to do your bidding?

Go figure. I couldn’t and took the easy way out by telling Maelo to look at Twitter and the Guardian live blog. When she was little and needed distracting I would turn the TV on. The modern equivalent is social media and the distraction ploy still works.

CNN has compiled a list of confusing Trump quotes which makes me feel so much better for not being able to make head or tail of it all today.



  1. nigel hunter
    June 13, 2018 / 8:26 am

    Singapore, a land of tax breaks and cheap labour, rich and prosperous for natives who use the system, not for the workers.. Long history of British colonisation, and a major disaster in WW2 for British military and British power. It reminds the Tories of when it was exploited by the British Empire. The Singapore model Tory millionaires exploiting British workers, Tory paradise.

    Trump, a money man. He is only interested in making it, hence his comments about the beaches. He sees it as a future business dream. Stopping the military exercises as saving money. South Korea’s leader dreams of a united Korea. He had better remember that Kim kills people that he could be a future target and Korean unification ends up with a dictatorship controlled country…

    • ambitiousmamas
      June 13, 2018 / 12:49 pm

      Hi Nigel,
      Great to hear from you.
      I quite agree with your sentiments. Beyond some entertaining video that was played and a photo opp I doubt anything of substance will come out of yesterday. Like your comment about Singapore being a Tory paradise.
      take care

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