It is my honour to be ‘black listed’ by Trump’s supporters

Screen shot from my Twitter account @ambitiousmamas

You wait ages for something to happen and suddenly it does. I have been ‘black listed’ and twice too (see screen shot above) by a Twitter account calling itself ‘Pro-Whites’.

You see I have been sending anti-Trump tweets for more than a year. Sometimes I have been retweeted and other times, to my frustration, after putting some serious thought and applying political nous I have come up with blistering anti-Trump tweets that received no attention whatsoever. Then the mother of all recognition of my anti-Trump sentiment happened yesterday (16 Jan) when I retweeted what you see directly below. 



ATTENTION TRUMPERS: Here’s your opportunity to speak out about this white supremacist Trump supporter. -> Cue the Trump crickets!


 To be ‘black listed’ is an accolade. Thank you ‘Pro-Whites’ and never mind that you mistakenly think that I am a ‘white-anti-white’ person. Being ‘black listed’ is plenty enough for my brown face. The double use of colour adjectives is intended to drive home the point that I am a person of colour AND I am not anti-white. 

Identity politics is important in Trump’s world and serves as the starting point for many of his opinions. 

The man is a White demagogue who has used the colour of his skin to galvanise and legitimize racism. He has used his White male privilege to boast about his sexual harassment of women. Even a disabled man was mocked by Trump during his campaign rally. I certainly would not want to be close to even a whiff of being a Trump supporter.

Through it all his ardent supporters have displayed a woeful lack of a set of values and morality by buying into Trump’s excuses. Trump mocked one of the women who accused him of sexual harassment by accusing her of being too ugly and, thereby, not being worthy of sexual harassment. The twisting of a serious allegation into a parody was applauded by his supporters. 

Trump’s fans urge him at every turn to scale even greater heights of irrational and reckless behaviour with no regard to the cost of it all. 

These far right wingers abhor communism but love Putin because Trump adores him. There is no analysis or thought given to how such a politically dangerous alliance would play out in terms of global security. 

Trump dislikes NATO because it was set up “many, many years ago”. Never mind that Trump is 70 years old and NATO is, well, two whole years younger at the age of 68 and that the problems which NATO was set up to deal with have NOT gone away. 

As it gets closer to inauguration day on 20 January the world seems to be on tenterhooks wondering and waiting for Trump to start dismantling the liberal democracy and superpower status of America in his folly to make America ‘great again’ through an insular and inward facing polity. 

He is ignorant and pompous beyond belief in an infantile manner and I strongly suspect that he will, in a perverse way, take every opportunity to demonstrate that he doesn’t need Presidential status to make him any greater and that it is he, instead, who brings prestige to the role. Witness how he intends to take a break after being sworn in rather than working to justify the support that his voters have vested in him. The fact that his ratings have slipped even before he takes power says something. 

In many ways I feel sorry for those who genuinely believe that their lives will be improved by a billionaire who lives in a gilded home. This is the world where fact and logic have been thrown out to be replaced by rants and more rants masquerading as high political thinking. 


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