A one click quick guide for parents on where to access help post A Level Results

Tomorrow, 18 August, is A level result day. Parents, understandably, can feel quite confused and in the dark about what to do once the results are given out. Most children will go into school to get their results in the morning while others will receive it in the post. Almost all universities will be on standby to advice students on whether they have been accepted onto their preferred course or not and to assist with clearing.

While there will be plenty of help and advice on hand it is still helpful to know where to go to especially when time will be of the essence to get into the university that your child has set his or her sights on.  Remember A level result day can be stressful for both parents and children but knowing where to go for help and what the process involves can reduce the level of anxiety.

Below are links that can help demystify the process.

1. A detailed step by step guide on what will happen on result day and what you need to do


2. Explanation of the UCAS clearing system. 


3. A detailed guide on how to apply for a different university than the ones originally chosen if your child has performed better than expected. 


4. Childline has published advice on how to deal with disappointing results. Mental wellbeing will be am important factor to consider.


5. UCAS website


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