“I want my country back”

 I found the following blog post posted as a comment on Facebook and was struck by how it presents another side to the ‘I want my country back’ debate. It was posted by Mandy Jane, who describes herself as being a wife, mother and grandmother. She is passionate about disability issues and animal welfare and, more generally, about the protection of the less fortunate. 


I want my country back too ? I want the kind, caring, tolerant and compassionate country back that my grandad told me about. The one that welcomed the Jewish refugees when they were being persecuted. I don’t want to be the persecutor. I want what my grandad was proud of. I hate all this evilness. I hate the way one side points fingers at the other when both are equally intolerant.  

We don’t own the Earth, we are just lucky enough to survive on it and some of us were lucky enough to be born in richer places than others. I don’t want my grandchildren to grow up sneering at a poor person or a refugee that is begging in the street. I want their hearts to ache and for them to naturally want to reach out and help them, not for them to see them as dirty and undeserving . 

I don’t want them to look at disabled people and see scroungers . When I was young I used to bring home injured animals and if I saw a tired person sitting on the roadside I used to run home and ask mum to drive down the road and pick them up and drive them to the holiday camp (that’s where they were normally going ) because my parents brought me up to be compassionate. 

That’s what I want for my grandchildren but what I see right now is scaring me, because I see a tide of poison spreading across this country. A tide of hate and intolerance . Is this really what we want our children and grandchildren to be?”


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