The story of a little lovely girl on Down Syndrome Day

I put out a call on Twitter today for a human story in celebration of Down Syndrome Day.  A mother, Bojana Petkovic, from Belgrade, Serbia, contacted me about her little girl called Tara who is gorgeous looking. It is the lived experiences that add value to special days like this.  This is what proud mama Bojana  who tweets at  @BoPet (Bojana Petkovic) has to say.
My daughter Tara, aged 3, is born with Down syndrome. During my pregnancy all tests were excellent with no sigh of any problems. After very hard delivery and line on her hand doctors decided to take a blood test. And it came positive to Down Syndrome.


No matter what they said she is my all because she is my symbol for imperfection perfection. Her smile and joy for every day, every simple think she learn and do is the light of a day and show me how little thinks make.


Tara enjoys company of other kids, and to play with them. She also like to play with her younger brother Filip (2yrs, 7mo). She does go to the regular kindergarten, where kids and teachers love her. And she love going, too. She was lucky in a sense she does not have any serious health issues.  Until she started going to the kindergarten in October of 2014, when she started developing a problem with her tonsils and started getting sick too often. She had tonsillectomy 2 months ago, and we hope those issues will now be behind her.


She loves watching cartoons, and loves listening to Zaz, Adele and Pink, hahaha, but she also is very active, spending 8-15 at the kindergarten, then working two hours doing one-on-one speech and physical therapy with the private therapists. We did not face much prejudice, maybe a scare 8 days after she was born, when we learned she had Down Syndrome, when doctor said she would not be able to go to school. But that was not a classic prejudice, and we are certainly working on making that statement wrong.


But Tara (and us, the parents, have great support of family and friends). We did encounter difficulties with the system, looking for minimal aid we are entitled to by the law in Serbia, but that has not as much to do with her having Down Syndrome, but just how things work here (and it is similar in the neighbouring countries, too). Life’s rich with Tara.


Thank you Bojana for sharing this story with me.


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