Lying, Thieving, Bastards? #ltb

When the Paralympics was being staged it seemed quite reasonable to expect that a golden moment had arrived given the accolades, excitement and enthusiasm shown towards the athletes. Disabled people, finally, could expect to be treated with respect and accepted as being ‘one of everyone’.

It hasn’t even been six months since the Paralympics ended. The Special Olympics are being held at the moment in Korea. Is change detected in the air? Not a bit as evidenced this week by Panorama which exposed how a company called Triage that is handling the Government’s work programme refers to disabled people as ‘lying, thieving, bastards’. So, rather than some sort of superb legacy coming out of all the efforts that went in last year to raising disability awareness the pendulum has swung back to the old fashioned channel of name calling.

‘Lying, thieving, bastards’ is now to be added to the list of horrendous adjectives already used to describe disabled people. One wonders what it will take for humankind to possess some sort of basic decency. ‘Lying, thieving, bastards’ are words that, for me, describe bootleggers and not honest citizens. 


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