A podcast – the concept of the midlife crisis was founded in London

At k2k radio station in London

The concept of the midlife crisis was first explored in London in 1957. A paper titled, ‘The Midlife Crisis’, was presented by Dr Elliott Jaques to the British Psycho-Analytical Society in London. It seems apt, therefore, to present a radio show/podcast on midlife living plus the crisis concept from London.

Being a midlifer means many things to many people but what is common is that one has reached a phase in one’s life where change occurs. You may be considering changing careers, swapping your lifestyle for something more exciting or something more sedate, your children may have left home or, given that people are having children later in life, you may still be undertaking caring responsibilities. Whatever your midlife holds join me in this journey of analysing and dissecting the midlife phase.

I have bought a cat (not a dog though many do), changed my wardrobe and have had a hair makeover while introspectively reevaluating my life’s future direction.

I am looking for midlifers who would like to share their experiences on my show/podcast. The show goes live on K2K Radio twice a month and is turned into a podcast thereafter. Do email me at ambitiousmamas@gmail.com.


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