Woman living in predominantly ethnic minority city says she doesn’t experience racism

It was with some, no make that humongous, incredulity that I watched an Asian woman living in Bradford state on national TV that she has never experienced racism before. To put this in context, Bradford is a predominantly Asian town which is why the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and Kate) were there on an official royal visit on 15 January.

The royal visit was billed as one where discussions about ‘community relations’ took place. Most of the people featured on the news were Asians. Heck, Bradford is even known as being the ‘Curry Capital of Britain’, an official award won 6 times.

How do you pass an informed comment about an alternative when you aren’t exposed to the alternative on a regular basis? In other words, if your normal community is formed of people like you then how do you know what it feels like to be singled out?

Years ago a madcap friend made a profound statement over a Chinese meal saying that, “there is something very Chinese about chopsticks”. It has stuck with me as one of the stupidest things that I had ever heard. Yesterday’s TV interview comment is now added to my list of, ‘dear God, why am I being subjected to such nonsense?’


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