‘The challenges a Muslim woman faces’

“I only get half share of any inheritance of what my brothers get.”

“During prayers, I cannot pray in the same row as my sons but must always be behind them.”

“As a wife, I am ordered to obey my husband.”

Are you a Muslim woman who disagrees with these statements? If so, you will be interested in an event on Sunday 15 September (further details below). The well known Malaysian human rights activist and lawyer Nik Elin will be speaking about her experiences of fighting for women’s rights.

Nik Elin has been actively promoting justice for Muslim women, primarily, and, also, champions other causes like the rights of indigenous people, disabled and migrant workers. Nik Elin is very vocal about the injustices suffered by Muslim women and challenges the Muslim patriarchy.

She set up Wibawa Women in 2011 as a platform for women seeking justice, especially in the Syariah Courts. Nik Elin sits as an Exco member of the Association of Voices of Peace, Conscience and Reason (PCORE) and is active within the various Malaysian Bar Committees.

Nik Elin will be speaking on Sunday 15 September from 2.30pm to 4pm. There will be a Q&A too. Light refreshments will be provided. The address is: Community Room (between No 108 and 106), Doreen Ramsey Court, The Cut, Waterloo, London SE1 8LN.

This talk will be co-hosted by myself and Mariam Mokhtar of Rebuilding Malaysia.


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