What a meaningless photo taken in the Oval office

Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump and Justin Trudeau

The caption on Twitter that comes with this photo which was tweeted by Ivanka Trump was:

“A great discussion with two world leaders about the importance of women having a seat at the table! ????

The following are reasons why I think this photo is utterly meaningless and is, frankly, a bore too:

1. There was a woman running for President and, yes, most of the world did think that a woman ought to have been in that seat. 

2. There is no point having a woman sitting on a seat at the table if that woman is told to ‘dress like a woman’. The former is a good idea but is negated by the latter direction. Where’s the logic? 

3. The woman sitting in the photo above is the President’s daughter. If that’s the extent of the push for women having seats at tables then…what a load of nonsense. It is women sleeping floors and serving at restaurant tables that need help, not mega-wealthy silver spoon in mouth types. 

4. The reason why many women don’t get seats at tables is because of structural misogyny – related to Point 2 above. 

5. It is a photo that smacks of immaturity. It is the sort of thing that daughters do when they visit Daddy at the office. Sitting on Daddy’s chair is a great thrill. Note- these daughters are normally below the age of 12.  

6. I am so bored with this that I am going to finish this post right here and go off to watch paint dry. 


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