What is the Red line for the American press re Trump?

I live in the UK and I have been immensely puzzled by the lack of scrutiny of much of Trump’s policies. An article in the New York Times questions why Trump’s wife and daughter have not been challenged in any way about his misogynistic remarks made. 

I have wondered the same but am far more puzzled about why Trump himself has not been challenged much more. 

Is it something to do with the American dream, the American fascination with wealth, which sets the very rich up as symbols of the sort of Liberal capitalism which America waged wars over? Is Immense wealth a defense shield against the purveyors of truth and and fairness i.e the press? 

I find it hard to equate the current situation with some one like Walter Cronkite who was known as the ‘voice of truth’ for America given that there is a possibility that the next President may be someone who may very well imperil the country’s national security with his endless torrent of lack of diplomacy. 

Melania and Ivanka Trump (ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)
Mrs Trump, left, Ivanka Trump, right

Every time millions think that Trump has sunk to a lowest point all the press do is report what he said, screen what happened and move on to the next insult. The latest is Trump’s refusal to disengage himself from the Klu Klux Klan. Watch the video before. Trump touts himself as an authentic American and are we seriously to believe that he had never heard of the KKK which looms large in American history?


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