Do Mothers Have Human Rights? #BAD13

Mother’s Rights is a dimension of Women’s Rights but how often do you hear about mothers having rights? The closest the debate gets to mothers is in the sphere of health and reproductive rights but there are a plethora of other issues relevant to mother’s rights. The starkest scenario is in conflict/war areas where mothers watch their children die.

The lucky ones who manage to make it to the nearest refugee camps have to rely on charitable causes to help feed and clothe their children. Aid agencies rely on government aid and the generosity of strangers. The less that is given the less that mothers have. A mother’s dependency is, thus, heightened and her sense of agency watered down. Poverty is another violation of a mother’s rights. In so-called safe areas of the world mothers are struggling to feed their children in the face of austerity cuts and climate change negative effects. Water shortages are a massive deterrent to being able to mother one’s child in safety.

Mothering is done in different political and cultural situations but the crux of the problem, being able to offer your child the best, is a global problem. Mothers are more than baby carriers and home cleaners. These are externalised perceptions of mothers. Most have aspirations for their children-hopes and dreams which may never be realised given the rate of conflict that exists in our world today.


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