While Mothers Have To Choose Between Heating and Food

The nights are getting colder and the early morning chill is not much fun either. I gave in last week and have my heating turned on for about 30 mins in the evenings on a low setting. I know of many mothers who make it a point not to turn on their heating till the weather gets much colder for fear of high energy bills. I do wonder how mothers will cope this winter after the reported increase in energy bills.

While big business has the advantage of the capitalist system in reaping yet more profit mothers have to decide between heating or feeding your children which is a prime example of the illusion of choice thrown up by the capitalist system. Shades of ‘between the devil and the deep blue sea’ infiltrate the so-called choice lifestyle that we lead. Why is it that energy companies do not face the same ‘choice’ in either keeping prices stagnant or lowering them?

Mothers have a vested interest in the energy debate because of the number of electrical appliances that we run in the process of keeping the family fed, washed and clean clothed. From first thing in the morning when we boil a kettle, turn on the boiler for hot water till last thing at night when the dishwasher is turned on we are perpetual shareholders in the energy industry. Energy is a feminist mothering issue. In this context it is important to understand the conditions and difficulties of mother’s lives especially in times of austerity and the resultant reduced earnings.


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