Baby Girls-who wants them?

Eleven years ago, just before I gave birth to my daughter, the Sunday Times carried an article about how baby girls were being left in forests to die. A photograph accompanied this article and the…

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The Failure of Higher Education

The traditional way of viewing education was to regard it in two halves: (1) school was about getting the grades that were good enough to get you into university; and (2) University was about gaining…

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Daughters – Future WAGs or Future Leaders?

I refer to Daisy Goodwin’s article in the Sunday Times News Review 4 July titled ‘Scrub Up and Strike Gold’. Daisy was invited to speak to sixth formers about working in the media. I paraphrase…

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Youth need human capital

The financial crisis has taught us that the concept of a skill for life does not translate into a job for life anymore. The scale of the crisis means that our children will be paying…

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Art Is Fundamental — and Fundamental to Support

Leo Tolstoy considered art as one of the conditions of human life. Art requires all the senses to be used when analysing and appreciating it. Art is not an individual or solitary experience. The activity…

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