Where is the protection for the disabled?

This blog post is dedicated to all the vulnerable people like Michael Gilbert who were targetted and, even, killed because of their disability. Michael Gilbert, 26, was killed by a family of criminals who kept…

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Is being a mother of a starving child a political situation?

For days now I have been watching with dismay the scenes of mothers carrying and dragging their starving and dehydrated children into camps being run by international charities such as CAFOD and Doctors Without Borders…

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Marriage as a tool of child abuse

While our daughters in the West play at dressing up to look like a bride or a Princess bride young girls in the Global South are being forced to get married. The practice of child…

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The social construct of disabled women

In the last few weeks I have attended the protest against the opening of the Playboy club and joined the Slut Walk in London. The absence of disabled women at the Playboy protest and the…

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Angry Bunnies Protest London's Playboy Club Opening (PHOTOS)

The child in the Easter Bunny costume is my 11 year old daughter. We strongly object to the merchandis­e sold to children by the Playboy Empire. It comes as no surprise that Hugh Heffner sees…

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