Be subjective-Happy Mother’s Day

I am a Motherhood Activist and spoke at an international conference (see previous blog) about the subjectivity of Motherhood. The traits of a good mother are always named as: being a good nurturer, being always…

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Al Qaeda’s Abuse of Women

Osama Bin Laden is dead but I fear that Al Qaeda’s mistreatment of women will still continue. Evidence in the past week seems to suggest that Al Qaeda will carry on the legacy of death…

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UK Mother stabs her 3 Children -why do mothers kill?

A mother poses with her three children, presenting a picture of happiness, but last year she killed them brutally. Today she was sentenced to jail for 18 years. I call myself a Mother Activist but…

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Is Kate Middleton Cinderella?

This piece was carried as a front page feature by On the 29th of April 2011 Cinderella will marry her Prince. The British Royal Family will receive the sort of press coverage that we…

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Are you a ‘Helicopter Parent’?

A ‘Helicopter Parent’ is a term used to refer to parents who adopt a parenting approach that has them hovering over their children’s lives almost in an interfering manner regardless of whether the child needs…

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