Complaining is now a ‘Bitch Session’

I may live in Britain where politicians are derided and castigated for much to do with their policies but the political markers of the American politicians seem to be notches against women. The party Communications…

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Did You Have A Caesarean Section?

I had a Caesarean Section 12 years ago and apart from suffering acute pain for weeks on end after my daughter’s birth it never occurred to me that I had inadvertently contributed to a fall…

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Social Networking vs Sex

“People are coming home and getting on their computers instead of having sex with their partners. I see couples break up over this stuff.” This is a quote by Cameron Yarbrough who is a relationship…

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Do You Have A Mother Hinterland?

Mumsnet, a website for mothers in the UK, has launched the Mumsnet Academy to teach women new skills. The reason for this is because the founder of Mumsnet, Justine Roberts who has four children herself,…

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Why Feminists Should Support Chen Guangcheng

What if you were expecting your second child but the state authorities forced you to have an abortion against your will? The concept of violent state interference against a woman’s maternal choice is abhorrent to…

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