Are you a working mother facing the ‘child ceiling’?

If the life of a working mother could take a form or image I think it would be of a contortionist. We leap through hoops, jump over hurdles, dodge imaginary bullets to juggle work and…

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How Would Romney Deal With Hurricane Sandy?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is in charge of dealing with disasters in the USA. Attention has turned to what the presidential candidates would do with FEMA given Obama’s belief that the state should…

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Putting Women In Boxes #bindersfullofwomen

I live in Britain and I set the alarm clock for 2am to watch the second Presidential debate. It was certainly worth hauling myself out of my warm bed during a cold and rainy night…

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Go Julia Go. If only Thatcher had done this.

Contrast this show of female assertiveness with Margaret Thatcher’s words that feminism had done nothing for her. 

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How About Getting Women Onboard In The First Place?

The concept of  ‘ Women On Boards’ is about as alien a prospect to most ordinary working mothers as is the thought that our social and economic system will recognise having children as a public…

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