Food Security Means Not Having Your Child’s Food Poisoned?

The concept of ‘food security’ has just taken a dive with the reports of school children in the state of Bihar in India dying from eating food contaminated with insecticide. The children who come from…

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An Angry Feminist Mother Moment

The crudeness of misogyny is utterly disgraceful and I am amazed that the men who practise it in the most mundane of situations do not feel demeaned by it themselves, thereby proving that misogynists have…

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Regressive -Moves to Ban Sexual Harassment Claims in the Workplace

Regressive is a mild word to describe the move contained in one of 40 Private Members Bills tabled by a quad of Tory MPs. The ‘Sexual Impropriety in Employment’ bill seeks to limit sexual harassment…

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Five Reasons Why Mothers Should Be Feminists

Feminist mothering is a perspective within feminism which positions the mother both as a feminist in her own right and as a mother who imparts her feminist values in the rearing of her children. Given…

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Women ARE Killed In ‘Nice Streets’

Yvonne Walsh and baby Harry who were found dead at their home When will people wake up and realise that violence against women does NOT have boundaries of any kind. It is not affiliated to…

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