The Shove At Home Behind Closed Doors

Behind the doors of lovely middle class homes often lie little secrets of male dominance. The exterior tells a tale of a happy couple with children living among the normal life of a middle class…

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Interview with Erik Solheim, a Chief Peace Negotiator During The LTTE Years

Erik Solheim was a key negotiator representing the Norwegian Government in seeking a peaceful outcome to the Sri Lankan war. Wikipedia describes Mr Solheim as being ‘one of the most recognizable figures in the peace negotiations…’.…

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What are the key threats to civil society in Sri Lanka?

The Centre for Policy Alternatives based in Sri Lanka has released a report titled ‘Sri Lanka’s Harassed Civil Society’ and while its’ findings about the instability of civilians’ lives may be widely known already the report…

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The Paradox of Patriotism #CHOGM

Samuel Johnson, the eminent English writer, said that ‘Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel’. Applying this train of thought to the Commonwealth meeting that is taking place in Sri Lanka next week one…

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Can There Be Peace Without Justice And Reconciliation?

Beautiful beaches, great food and warm weather. That is the shiny version sold to tourists to lure them to Sri Lanka. Scratch beneath the surface of your picture postcard and it is a sad and…

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