Women Denied Basic Decency at HaSharon Prison

During my lunch break recently I walked past a group of people who were staging a protest in Central London against the detention and care of a Palestinian woman called Lena Jarboni who is being…

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The Cruel Reality of the Detention of Female Refugees

I thought I knew everything there was to know about the injustices suffered by females. As a left-leaning enthusiastic Feminist woman I abhor rape, domestic violence, discrimination in the workplace etc but I must confess…

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What Possesses a Mother To Hold Her Daughter Down for FGM?

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is something that I first heard about 30 years ago from an African female friend who had been cut. She was in her 20s when we became friends but was still…

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Are ALL Private Schools Better Than State Schools?

My daughter goes to a private school. I bought into the ‘private education is better than state’ narrative quite early on when she was little. Lucky for us, her school is a good one and…

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Which class does your child’s naughty act fall into?

Imagine if a group of children from a fairly downtrodden part of the country went to the Tate Modern and then proceeded to climb all over a very expensive piece of art installation while their…

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