You don’t need a gym to get fit #selfcareweek

This week, 12 to 18 November, is officially ‘Self Care Week’. It’s a week to put your self first and to prioritise what it is that you need to optimise your mental and physical needs.…

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After the mid-term wins in America, feminism is certainly not dead

A record number of women will be taking their seats in Congress after their mid-term election wins in the USA. As a sharp response to Donald Trump’s misogyny and his support,more recently, for Brett Kavanaugh,…

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A yummy Malaysian dish for the weekend

Char Koay Teow is a fried vermicelli dish which hails from the beach town of Penang in Malaysia. The dish was often fried over a charcoal fire as seen in the street markets of Asia generally.…

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Was the video put out by the White House of Jim Acosta’s altercation doctored?

The White House Press Secretary has shared a video of the Jim Acosta altercation that many believe was doctored. We take you through it frame by frame. — Channel 4 News (@Channel4News) November 8,…

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How and what to follow in the mid-term American elections

Results of the American mid-term election are expected to start coming in from midnight UK time. Various media outlets will be covering the results; The Guardian is doing a live blog; The Telegraph is doing…

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