The ‘notorious RBG’ of the US Supreme Court

Initials as a name are a peculiarity normally reserved for celebrities but RBG is the exception. Ruth Bader Ginsberg is the most well known of the nine justices of the American Supreme Court. Well, if…

Teach yourself mindfulness by eating a Lychee

Sometimes life’s lessons come from the unlikeliest of sources. Eating Lychees this week has taught me how unmindful I can be when I eat. Gobbling without thinking would be a far more apt description of…

A Sunday laugh at ‘Trump’

If politics has changed why do we need the same old?

I cannot decide whether the Independent Group are ‘outriders’, as The Guardian referred to them, of a new grouping or are pillion riders of the past. While the Brexiters are accused of harking back to…

A Jacob R-M parody

The immigrant vote which angers me

An Asian man, Oli Khan who is secretary general of the Bangladesh Caterers Association, has written in The Guardian about his regret over his ‘leave’ vote and the fact that he influenced 150,000 members and…

Harassment excuse about Tory MP’s behaviour defies belief

Sometimes I feel as if I have heard it all but then something new comes along which makes me realise that the cesspit really is a bottomless one. No pun intended but a Tory MP…

Do you procrastinate?

Procrastination is something that we all do. I was doing it myself till a few minutes ago. Instead of blogging I was staring out of the window at the falling snow. Therein lies one of…

Is Brexit making you feel as if you are jumping off a plane?

First published in The Minneapolis Star Tribune, U.S., June 28, 2016 | By Steve Sack

No More Hurt

Racism hurts. Racism is everywhere and occurs everyday these days. People say that Brexit is to blame. I think that Brexit and Trump have allowed racism to flourish by legitimising it. Racism was always there.…


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First Malaysian to appear on British Reality TV