Fried banana balls make a great weekend tea time Malaysian snack

 Fried Banana Balls – Cokodok This snack can be served with a sprinkling of icing sugar or with warm custard. I particularly like eating it as a serving with cream on a stack of warm pancakes.…

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A round up of Malaysian news

As a Malaysian born person I often come across other Malaysians who are now living in the UK or in other countries thirsting after home grown news. To fill this gap, I do a round…

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A US War Department video on prejudice from 1943

Remember this!If you've not seen it before, watch it now. Posted by SV Singam on Friday, 23 November 2018   Does history repeat itself?  

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Alan B’Stard captured the current mood of ultra Tory Brexiters 28 years ago

I was a great fan of the TV comedy series ‘The New Statesman’ which starred Rik Mayall as the ultra right wing Tory MP of a fictitious place called ‘Haltemprice’ in Yorkshire. The series first…

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Interventions made by Lib Dem MPs during the Brexit debate


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