Being a low to middle income earner in a picturesque place can end up costing you

There is a housing crisis on the Island of Arran, Scotland, which is resulting in some islanders having to live in caravans due to homes being bought by the well-off as holiday lets or second…

Vince Cable ought to make the EU central to local electioneering

The local elections to be held on 2 May presents a great opportunity to take a causal approach between the Lib Dem pro-Remain position and the local elections. According to a report by the London…

Oh No Joe Biden

A porn President in the White House and a rival with a good chance of toppling him has his credentials called into question over harassment allegations. This has all the makings of the sort of…

“With two clicks of my first search I could have watched Girl Gets Raped” – Mums Make Porn

‘Mums Make Porn’ was Channel 4’s highest rated show in the first week of Episode 1 (3 episodes in total) being screened. It features five mums, including me, who set out to raise awareness of…

The concept of charity should not extend to private sacrifice

Charity is about giving your time and money to a cause that you feel an affinity with. You may wish to go an extra mile by making some sort of personal sacrifice but it should…

The cat from ‘Mums Make Porn’ breaks her silence

Wow, you are THE cat who, apparently, stole the show. My talent for looking bored at the right moment and sitting like a human being has finally been recognised. How hard does a cat have…

Mum Blogger on ‘Mums Make Porn’

Watch me, Emma, Anita, Sarah & Sarah Louise tonight on Channel 4, 10pm ‘Mums Make Porn’

Interview with Executive Producer of ‘Mums Make Porn’ on Channel 4

How did you come up with the idea of ‘Mums Make Porn’? Emma Morgan: We were looking at porn statistics and its impact on the sex education of teenagers. We did a lot of research…

The TIG’s view of national security is alarming

“Ours is a great country of which people are rightly proud, where the first duty of government must be to defend its people and do whatever it takes to safeguard Britain’s national security.” It goes…

Feeling disconnected from International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a day to remember what women have achieved and what still needs to be achieved but, increasingly, it’s becoming about what the famous female has achieved. Events and panels speakers are…

A Sunday evening laugh at the Michael Cohen ‘hearing’

Here is the real thing: Here is a question that I ask myself every day: ‘Do Republicans have brains?’


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First Malaysian to appear on British Reality TV