Why did I wait this long to have a hair makeover?
The Extinction Rebellion doctor who went on a hunger strike
Only the posh needed
A podcast – the concept of the midlife crisis was founded in London
Have you bought a dog, fast car/motorbike (like Boris) or comfy slippers?
Alexander Hamilton foretold Trump
Advocating a self-care routine for mothers
Turning the clock back
Brexit Party MEP wakes up
The 60 Minute (a week) Mother
A lesson from Brit politics – rewarding myself for failure
The new decade has triggered a midlife crisis
Woman living in predominantly ethnic minority city says she doesn’t experience racism
What is the etiquette when you have a common cold?
Would you sit in front of a dart board while darts are being thrown?
Spend time today listing your achievements of this decade
My afternoon with a lovely Dominatrix
Talking about grief at Christmas time
A party leader isn’t a pet to be mollycoddled
I watch the Queen’s Speech every year and so blinking what?
Infantilising politicians as bickering children is not helpful to understanding Brexit
An open invitation to a funeral for a 100 year old true Brit
Something to make you think about life
Interesting articles on the Lib Dems
Start your Mondays with a plan for the week
A bereavement amid politics reminds me of what is important
Are you a bully?
‘Can I have a white doctor for the operation?’
Will an election change things?
My spooky story from 17 years ago
According to the New Yorker, ‘The worst is most likely yet to come’, on Brexit
Any Deal Will Do parody
London Underground tells it as it is about menopause
Rory Bremner plays Boris
“We take ‘pride’ in being out, but for some it’s just not possible”
Podcast launch on Southasian feminism
Start your day with gratitude
According to a Tory, paying attention to diversity is ‘pretend socialism’
An application of the bus analogy
The culture clash of a four day working week
When do you turn your heating on?
South Asian Women Breaking Silences and Speaking Up
Just how broad can a broadchurch become?
‘The challenges a Muslim woman faces’
A Guide to Using Essential Oils Around Your Pets
ITV reports a Tory defection to Lib Dem Party
The British Medical Journal’s analysis of a no-deal Brexit
Full text of Johnson’s statement given at 6pm today
Should Malaysia be celebrating?
Fox News Host rebukes Trump
Hugh Grant doesn’t hold back on Boris
Las Vegas is where capitalism goes to receive oxygen
Who would have thought that dancing could be so controversial-blogging from Las Vegas
Walter Mitty went to Greenland – blogging from Las Vegas
Las Vegas, bucket list and my midlife
The proletariat is fighting back
The Epstein Conspiracy theories will long continue
Striving for perfection is a pain in the proverbial
A leaked porn video can destroy lives
I voted for Jo Swinson only because she apologised for austerity
Nick Clegg is missed in Sheffield Hallam (by some); and Jared O’Mara blasted by his Comms man
Sleeping with the TV on leads to a sugar craving
When forgetfulness gets the better of you
Having to compromise is a pain
More austerity?
I am so proud to be the first Malaysian to appear on a Brit Reality TV Show
Mahathir’s propensity for controversy has not waned
Be the person who stops to listen during Loneliness Awareness Week
New poll shows Democrat candidates leading on Trump
The awful realisation that the person sitting beside you is watching porn
Saying goodbye to a beloved pet and watching your child sob is heartbreaking
The ’60 Minute Mother’-making time for yourself over a week
Why would Corbyn blow his political capital?
How to survive the European Election results tonight if you are a Liberal
Hey older woman, just don’t stop please
My daughter isn’t enjoying university and I don’t know how to help her
Remember the old fashioned rotary phone?
A really quick Vegan stir fry
Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, is in labour but the one question on my mind
Is this the death knell of Corbyn’s leadership?
Interesting links on Lib Dem success at the local elections
Being a low to middle income earner in a picturesque place can end up costing you
Vince Cable ought to make the EU central to local electioneering
Oh No Joe Biden
“With two clicks of my first search I could have watched Girl Gets Raped” – Mums Make Porn
Mental Wellness Challenge for April
The concept of charity should not extend to private sacrifice
The cat from ‘Mums Make Porn’ breaks her silence
Mum Blogger on ‘Mums Make Porn’
Interview with Executive Producer of ‘Mums Make Porn’ on Channel 4
The TIG’s view of national security is alarming
Feeling disconnected from International Women’s Day
A Sunday evening laugh at the Michael Cohen ‘hearing’
The ‘notorious RBG’ of the US Supreme Court
Mindful March
Teach yourself mindfulness by eating a Lychee
A Sunday laugh at ‘Trump’
If politics has changed why do we need the same old?
A Jacob R-M parody
The immigrant vote which angers me
Harassment excuse about Tory MP’s behaviour defies belief
Do you procrastinate?
Is Brexit making you feel as if you are jumping off a plane?
No More Hurt
LibDem ‘People’s Vote’ amendment NOT called
Amendments tabled for today
The 4.1 miles of human plight
A cat’s take on Brexit
Trump ‘builds’ wall
Are left-wingers pushing for Brexit helping the right’s agenda?
A Review of ‘Pig Wrestling’
The Catholic Church and the Indian nuns of the #metoo movement
Of all the ridiculous instances of nepotism
The scandal of NHS gloves and Malaysian working practices
Would you tell a neighbour off for having noisy sex?
Malaysia was almost The Economist’s ‘Country of the Year’
The price of apathy
Would responsible people attempt a sea crossing with their children?
“Cycling is all about freedom”
I am taking up Mindfulness in 2019
Reflect on your 2018 achievements
‘Nothing Matters’?
Living in the shadow of Silicon Valley – a short documentary
Do carers get a festive break?
Why on earth did Stephen Lloyd stand for election?
Murder in ‘paradise’
Don’t ‘White select’ my experience of racism
Confronting fear and anxiety
Are dead American Presidents beyond reproach?
Putting context around sexism doesn’t make it better
Does fawning over Nick Clegg still have a place in the party?
Fried banana balls make a great weekend tea time Malaysian snack
A round up of Malaysian news
A US War Department video on prejudice from 1943
Alan B’Stard captured the current mood of ultra Tory Brexiters 28 years ago
Interventions made by Lib Dem MPs during the Brexit debate
You don’t need a gym to get fit #selfcareweek
After the mid-term wins in America, feminism is certainly not dead
A yummy Malaysian dish for the weekend
Was the video put out by the White House of Jim Acosta’s altercation doctored?
How and what to follow in the mid-term American elections
Will Trump’s appeal to nationalism backfire in the mid-term election?
Obama finally breaks silence to take on Trump days before the mid-term election
A delightful Malaysian tea time snack to make with your kids this weekend
“If we’re serious about this campaign, we have to put Brexit at the front” – Rob Blackie’s speech at the London Mayoral hustings
Who are the alt-right ‘Proud Boys’?
Rob Blackie on how the Lib Dems can win in London
A warming Malaysian dish for the cold weekend ahead – Penang Nyonya Fish Curry
Affordable workshop on interview techniques in Central London
David Cameron was missing from the People’s Vote march yesterday
Handy quotes on the EU to remember while marching for a people’s vote
Jamal Khashoggi’s last op-ed
Meet Rob Blackie, Lib Dem shortlist mayoral candidate
Anwar Ibrahim – the man with two faces?
Humour brought to you by courtesy of ‘Brett Kavanaugh’
The pornification of toothpaste
A roundup of what is making the news in Malaysia
The hollowing out of the Lib Dem party?
The Survivor Tree at the 9/11 Memorial in New York
It is alright to cry on your child’s first day of school
Malaysia celebrates 61 years of independence
Christopher Hitchens used the word ‘irony’ in relation to Israel
What is making the news in Malaysia
LD SoS Founder Member on the Immigration Policy Paper
I have graduated with a merit from the LSE and it’s thanks to my daughter
Bye y’all from New York – the final blog
Blogging from New York – Part 3
Blogging from New York – Part 2
Blogging from New York – Part 1
Have the Lib Dems started scapegoating immigrants too?
Voter apathy is a gift to the Brexiteers
Summer Introspection
Time for the PM to trash that ‘This is what a feminist looks like’ T-shirt given the Jo Swinson fiasco
I am holding an event on Malaysian politics on 22 July
Apologies for the glitches on my blog
Launch event of ‘Mothers for a Progressive Alliance’
The Role of Women in Chess-an International Women’s Day Event
‘Skin & Feminism’ – a evening of lively discussion in celebration of Intern…
Trump acknowledges that Liberal Democrats are the ‘smartest’ people
Gloom has descended on the country
The Tory Party – the party of democracy deniers who treat voters as ‘Wallys’
I am fully behind England in the World Cup and there are no ‘buts’
Dominic Grieve, the cause without the rebel
‘The Future Remains To Be Written’ -THE video screened at the Trump-Kim summit
My daughter has been asking me all day to help her make sense of Trump’s Singapore meeting
Vince Cable’s Twitter blooper
Indian Nationalism which disregards rape culture shakes my Liberal self
The Russian journalist’s staged death is almost a Hollywood parody
A culture clash with my mixed race daughter over a dog
The ‘Give me your poor’ message delivered by a Black American Clergy man to the White establishment
Vince Cable’s story of having suffered from racism is a timely one
Malaysia, a small nation, shows the world how democracy is done
My daughter was old enough to vote for the first time
Twenty years later I still recall being utterly shocked by the insouciance of the Stephen Lawrence killers
‘National Unicorn Day’ may as well be termed ‘Brexit Day’
My great experience with my Yo-Yo Desk®
Facebook Executive Slapped Down By Singapore Minister
Recalling ambassadors is counter-productive
Introducing my niece on World Down Syndrome Day
Nothing like a whiff of Cold War Part 2 to fan the hawk instincts
Motherhood in Precarious Times
Radical Liberalism in the 21 Century
What does it mean to be a woman?
An IWD exhibition of ‘Honest You’-women without make up
A walking tour for IWD using old maps of the historical women of the East End
Rousseau and Brexit
Women’s influence in chess – an International Women’s Day event
An International Women’s Day (IWD 2018) Event on                            ‘Skin & Feminism’
Vince Cable is spot on about the unholy trinity of Tory views on Brexit standards
Kudos to the Lib Dems for tackling the issue of race head-on
How much respect does Trump command globally?
‘Orphan’ – part of feminist mothering poetry collection
It only takes one woman and on ‘Today’ it was Jo Swinson
We have the vote so why do we worry about silly things like school cake days?
Tory Party’s desperate email to members about Momentum
‘How to come back to a racist’
‘One Photograph’ – feminist mothering poetry about the Holocaust
The sense of entitlement by the President’s Club members was class based
‘My Daughter’s Body’ – a poem about a mother’s grief over her daughter’s disability
The benefits of keeping your ageing parents at home
Don’t ignore the warning of severe chills
PAYE Employees are the punchbags of capitalism
Mothers with something to say? Open Mic Session on 20 January
Let’s talk about Asian Feminism
Trump mistakes American Embassy for a retail store
Remember Mr Ed who was in a stable and was a genius?
What about the ‘detritus’ created by the Tories?
Why I will be talking to Liberals about race in 2018
Borderlands and Crossroads
This is what pro independence Catalonians are thinking and feeling
Exposing Tories to the suffering of welfare claimants will not make a jot of difference
My less than six degress of separation from Max Clifford
‘What do Women Want?’ jokes are a load of rubbish
Mums, you are your child’s foremost story teller not ‘Sleeping Beauty’
‘Profiles in Courage’ – a tribute to JFK on the 54th anniversary of the assassination
‘A Commencement Villanelle’ – mums never stop worrying
On Universal Children’s Day let us consider the impact of the arms trade on children
Driverless cars in a car-crash of an economy
Launch of ‘Mothers for a Progressive Alliance’
An Asian woman in Benidorm NOT Israel
‘To The Mother of a Dead Marine’ – a poem about a mother’s loss
A scene from the movie ‘Airplane’ which could be a parody of the PM’s stance on Boris Johnson
The ‘tough’ woman who thinks a slap or a put down will sort sexual harassment out
Launching a season of poetry and prose on what shapes our mothering
‘Suitcase’- Experience of a mother in NYC post 9/11
Lib Dem leaders missed a trick in not showing leadership over sexual harassment
Guido Fawkes was 46 when he used the word ‘Mong’
Twitter’s confusion over what ‘#Asians’ means
A Diwali Poem
#metoo groped at a business meeting
Fight racism because girls come in different skin tones
Who has the European Central Bank’s listening ear?
Why I took my daughter to a protest of Playboy
Tory boy ‘locker room talk’
Thank Goodness Vince Cable has acknowledged the violence in Catalonia
You will need sunglasses to watch the documentary on Boris Johnson
Looking for your views on LD conference for my radio show
The Eurozone is ‘bouncing back’? Tell that to the people of Spain and Greece
Sal Brinton’s speech was a rouser
Is missing your child’s first day of school a big deal?
How did Princess Diana manage to stay sane with all that misogynistic vitriol?
A mother’s account of coping with her daughter having leukemia one year on
Calling me a “F…ing Paki” does NOT make me feel like I am enabling your right to free speech
My mother pride over my daughter’s A level results
Why is a ‘jolly good fellow’ always jolly?
A tribute to Heather Heyer who died in Charlottesville
Sheffield goes for Gold with the hosting of the Special Olympics
Nick Timothy blames sexism for Theresa May not getting enough credit for her policies
A Friday joke about working from home
The toxic hyper masculine penis centred White House chaos
Ideas to blast your writer’s block away
The parents of the Love Island contestants were, well,’normal’
Every Lib Dem member ought to fight the ageism against Vince Cable
I need to get fit and have found an exercise video to kickstart my day
Vince Cable was in stonking form at his first Lib Dem event as leader
George Turner uncovers “financial mismanagement” in Lambeth where he stood against Kate Hoey
The parallel universe of the Labour Party
A man who posts a photo of his ex girlfriend’s vagina in a retaliatory spat is a TWAT
A proud Mama weekend
A letter to my daughter on her last day of school
Make up lessons from a savvy 9 year old vlogger-Minnie Mimi
Three pivotal moments that seem to have defined Theresa May and they aren’t good
The British Medical Journal’s analysis of social care proposals by Tories, Labour and Lib Dems
‘Bad Mothers’ are everywhere
A sick UK national media infested with vested interest
Even Playboy Bunnies will grow old one day
“Young people should live within their means”
A Twitter take on the Trump family
An apt ending for the ‘Strong and Stable’ election mantra perhaps?
What do you do with a problem like Corbyn?
A Good Friday prayer by a Liberal feminist mother
Please remember that Brown skin per se does not equal terrorism
‘Mummy looking at mobile’ syndrome
Good night’s sleep – Restless Legs Syndrome=Bad Night’s Sleep
When a mother is raped while out with her toddler we need International Women’s Day
The Greek Files
I am hosting a free movie screening on International Women’s Day in London
Celebrating International Women’s Day starts at home
Children with disabilities take on the world of modelling
One American woman’s Journey from Conservativism to Liberalism: thoughts on religion and racism
Trump’s Facebook Foreign Policy
What a meaningless photo taken in the Oval office
Community radio is the best thing since sliced bread
Mothering confessions on Twitter
Some iconic pictures of Trump’s presidency so far
“How dare I bleed”
One woman’s story on why she did not join the women’s march
Meet the Brit Mums protesting in London against Donald Trump
The American presidential inauguration is a good opportunity to teach your child about politics
It is my honour to be ‘black listed’ by Trump’s supporters
Time to change ‘Boys will be boys’
A photo that tells all about the political vote on Israeli Settlements
What Syria used to look like
A Mumsnetter’s response to Paul Mason
Attacking the judiciary’s independence is the hallmark of third world status-Brexit ruling
Is Donald Trump a ‘father feminist’?
A plea from a benefit claimant – “I’ve reached the point that I need help from the #foodbank. Something inside me has died”
IF MOTHERS COUNTED-Status symbols for the Invisible Art of Mothering
Understanding the Republican Mind
If it squeaks like a racist then for F***sake it is racist
Academic feminism ignores Motherhood
Learning how to be a “good mother” at an Early Years Centre.
A Powerful Message from a Pro-Hillary Feminist
The Mother-Son Relationship in Anglo-American Feminist Theory
A list of Trump’s ‘misdeeds’ and that is putting it mildly
Motherhood, it could be said, is the unfinished business of feminism.
“I mother in an interethnic relationship”
Happy Diwali
How to make attractive storage boxes
Mothering, the Academy and MIRCI – a Professor’s Journey
Trump is comfortable with crude talk about his daughter
Teaching your children about resilience
A room of our own for mothers in the home of Feminism
Baby, toddler, pre-teen, teen and now my baby is preparing to leave home
Win a ticket to a fabulous blogger conference
A family friendly FunFest Blogger Summit – tickets still left
When cancer strikes twice in the same family
Now if Corbyn had sat ON the train THAT would be a story
On ‘World Humanitarian Day’ remember that humanity begins at home
A one click quick guide for parents on where to access help post A Level Results
The Mother Blame Game
The shaming of a mother’s ambition in ‘Child Genius’ is misplaced
Feminism and female leaders
Another news story on female fertility
A passionate Corbyn supporter speaks out against the ‘loony’ label
To the man who kept pointing at the flag of the Union Jack embossed on his t-shirt
My Workshop on Feminist Mothering on 16 July in Central London
Who is sticking two fingers up at whom – PLP or Corbyn?
Racism is back in fashion post referendum #Brexit
A reaction from an English lady post -Brexit
The Economist makes a brilliant case for a vote to remain
“I want my country back”
The case of women refugees, especially mothers
What is in a name when it is “Death to traitors, freedom for Britain”?
I don’t understand Priti Patel
The father of the Stanford University rapist has let his son down badly
Domestic violence is NOT a tool for Brexit politics
Video on ‘Why you and your family are better off in Europe’
My inclusion in the Red Elephant’s list of ‘Powerful Women Leaders’
‘Mother Blame’ Mum’s unlucky situation that involved an animal being shot and her Facebook reply
EU politics with the charismatic Yanis Varoufakis
How on earth do you motivate yourself?
Should the level of stress over exams taken by children be tolerated?
How I learnt about the politics of Afghanistan by witnessing the beating of a heckler
On International Mother’s Day let’s consider what mothers need
The word ‘budget’ has become a condescending term
As an Asian mother I do admire the parents who are rejecting the SATS
Breastfeeding mothers do not need to be breast shamed
Blog posts sought on mothering issues from MIRCI members
Austerity cuts and the impact on mothers
Do you let your baby cry itself to sleep?
Elizabeth Warren on the hidden story of capitalism
A symbol of a bad mother
A community of feminist mothers with blogs
Across the Reproductive Divide Doulas and Intimate Labour: Boundaries, Bodies, and Birth
Mothering in reaction to conflict-thoughts on the bombing in Pakistan by a very concerned mother
Mothering in fear during times of national and international insecurity
The story of a little lovely girl on Down Syndrome Day
Mothers fight against racism
How far would you go for a better life for your children?
Remembering refugee and displaced mothers without parity on International Women’s Day
A thank you to my daughter on Mother’s Day
Does size matter in the American election?
Make an Easter cheese cracker chick
Trump’s defence strategy is RUBBISH
What is the Red line for the American press re Trump?
The main recommendation from the Maternity Review worries me
Just a mom???
Those who live in the ‘Jungle of Calais’ are human beings, not a ‘bunch’ of animals
I Am Cool Because I Only Have An Old Fashioned Mobile Phone-No Internet Access
A Pictorial Tribute to Alan Rickman
How do you tell your child that Dad has Cancer?
How to Make a Sock Snowman
Being a Feminist Mama – how did that happen?
When women are stereotyped due to their job titles
15 US Soldiers Give a First Hand Account of Fighting in Afghanistan
First It Was The Cricket Test, then British Values and Now It Is Baking
Paul Krugman on the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn
The Yahoo boss and her ‘limited maternity’ leave
A Great Statement on Welfare