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  • Mental Wellness Challenge for April

    Mental Wellness Challenge for April
  • No More Hurt

    No More Hurt
  • A Review of ‘Pig Wrestling’

    A Review of ‘Pig Wrestling’
  • I am taking up Mindfulness in 2019

    I am taking up Mindfulness in 2019
  • Reflect on your 2018 achievements

    Reflect on your 2018 achievements
  • Confronting fear and anxiety

    Confronting fear and anxiety

Why a mother is following Davos

What do you think your child’s life will look life in 10 years? My daughter is 12 years old now and in 2022, at the age of 22, she would have taken her place in…

The Malaise of Middle Class Parenting

This post was originally published on the Huffington Post UK site. In the days of vinyl records there was always a B Side to every single released. Often the B Side slipped under the radar…

The School Gates

The perpetual dilemma of standing at the school gates wondering whether to talk to the other mothers is something most mothers will go through. The dilemma presents itself if you are the odd one out.…

The Prayers of a Christian Feminist Mum

I became an Anglican eight years ago and have seen marvellous shifts in my life and outlook as a result of having faith. My daughter was 4 years old then and enjoyed the introduction to…

A Christmas Feminist Joke

What would have happened if it had been 3 wise women instead of 3 wise men? The women would have asked for directions, arrived on time, helped deliver the baby, cleaned the stables, cooked a…

Directions on How to Conduct Family Life

The following is an extract from a book written in 1698 by Sir George Wheeler who was educated at Oxford University and became an author. The rules of conduct set out below come from his…

Violence of Gifford Attracts Sympathy for Disabled?

This blog post has been inspired by an article in the Sunday Times of 20 November by Dominic Lawson titled ‘Only a Gunman Brings Respect to the Disabled’. This title is a reference to Gabrielle…

Mary Wollstonecraft Was Right About Mothers

The image of Mary Wollstonecraft was today beamed onto the Houses of Parliament in London to publicise efforts to erect a statute to her memory. I was thrilled that a feminist had been given the…

Gloria Steinem says ‘We Need To Get Much Angrier’

Contrasting Pictures Of Anger and Serenity My first thought when I read that line was that Gloria Steinem can afford to get angry. She is famous and well respected. She can get away with it.…

Blaming Women for Guns

It never ceases to amaze me just how much is blamed on women or done in our name when we do not want nor need whatever deed we are being burdened with. Gloria Steinem says…

Is the internet safe for women?

Facebook has finally taken down the page on rape but not before a number of men had a field day indulging in their evil fantasies. Social Networking is the domain of misogny now, taking the…

Feminist Mother-a solitary existence?

This blog post of mine has been inspired by a similar one written by bluemilk called ‘Break-the-isolation-join-the-list’ and my experience of speaking at the recent MIRCI (Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement) conference in…


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