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  • Mental Wellness Challenge for April

    Mental Wellness Challenge for April
  • No More Hurt

    No More Hurt
  • A Review of ‘Pig Wrestling’

    A Review of ‘Pig Wrestling’
  • I am taking up Mindfulness in 2019

    I am taking up Mindfulness in 2019
  • Reflect on your 2018 achievements

    Reflect on your 2018 achievements
  • Confronting fear and anxiety

    Confronting fear and anxiety

Why Feminists Should Support Chen Guangcheng

What if you were expecting your second child but the state authorities forced you to have an abortion against your will? The concept of violent state interference against a woman’s maternal choice is abhorrent to…

The Mummy Tag Game

There is a Mummy Tag game being played on blogs. I have been tagged in a blogging meme by jenmum and asked to answer her questions. In turn, I have to carry on the chain…

The Commercialisation of a Woman’s Body Knows No Bounds

Since becoming a mother I have acquired this tendency towards cognitive empathy which is the ability to to put yourself into someone else’s situation and imagine their thoughts and feelings. This surfaced again, actually it…

Is cooking an act of feminist mothering?

I am always struck at the dichotomy between the way feminism is practised in the developed countries and in non developed countries. What we in the former countries consider to be sometimes a pain in…

CNN Contributor Erick Erickson: ‘I Kind Of Like The Idea That Women Aren’t Members Of The Masters’

CNN Contributor Erick Erickson: ‘I Kind Of Like The Idea That Women Aren’t Members Of The Masters’: pCNN contributor and conservative blogger Erick Erickson said he liked the idea of excluding women from The Masters…

Good Friday Passiontide Central London

The first person Jesus spoke to after his resurrection was a woman, Mary Magdalene.

Adrienne Rich-A Tribute

“My children cause me the most exquisite suffering of which I have any experience. It is the suffering of ambivalence: the murderous alternation between bitter resentment and raw-edged nerves, and blissful gratification and tenderness.” It…

A Celebration of Mothering

This post was originally published on the Huffpost UK site for Mother’s Day 2012. I feel blessed to be a mother. I love being a mother. These all seem obvious things to say don’t they…

The Brick Wall Lifestyle of Tamil Women in Sri Lanka

Tamil women in the north and east of Sri Lanka live a bleak life in which they are severely constrained by the dual evils of the aftermath of the civil war, fought between the Government…

The Soft Power of Compassion to Inspire Girls

I have been inspired by the amount of organisations around the world that are dedicated to the female cause, namely in educating girls and helping them escape dire situations in dangerous regimes or repressive cultural…

First Malaysian to appear on British Reality TV