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  • Mental Wellness Challenge for April

    Mental Wellness Challenge for April
  • No More Hurt

    No More Hurt
  • A Review of ‘Pig Wrestling’

    A Review of ‘Pig Wrestling’
  • I am taking up Mindfulness in 2019

    I am taking up Mindfulness in 2019
  • Reflect on your 2018 achievements

    Reflect on your 2018 achievements
  • Confronting fear and anxiety

    Confronting fear and anxiety

Are left-wingers pushing for Brexit helping the right’s agenda?

While the arguments for and against Brexit are currently framed as a left-right divide, the reality is not so binary. There are left-wingers who voted for Brexit and right-wingers who voted to remain. The cross-over…

A Review of ‘Pig Wrestling’

I love pigs. Actually, on second thoughts, I ought to be despising them because I was a huge fan of Pork curry till last year. Taking up mindful eating brought to mind little piglets being…

The Catholic Church and the Indian nuns of the #metoo movement

Does the Catholic Church have a strange predilection for sex related misdemeanours and scandals? If not why does it remain silent apart from occasional apologetic proclamations from the Pope? If it does want to be…

Of all the ridiculous instances of nepotism

A modern day instance of “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” (“Let them eat cake”) is being played out in the unhallowed halls of Trump’s White House. While public sector workers are facing their third week without…

The scandal of NHS gloves and Malaysian working practices

Migrants who work in Malaysia are known to face discrimination and stigma and it is disconcerting to see just how wide spread and entrenched this is. A factory based in Malaysia has been accused of…

Would you tell a neighbour off for having noisy sex?

Given the current arduous political climate there is really nothing much to laugh over that is featured in the news (apart from John Crace in the Guardian). So it was with much delight that I…

Malaysia was almost The Economist’s ‘Country of the Year’

Malaysia was one of three countries considered by the Economist for the ‘Country of the Year’ award in 2018. Ethiopia and Armenia were the other two finalists with the latter being the winner. The word…

Would responsible people attempt a sea crossing with their children?

If a British couple deliberately set out with their small children into rough winter seas by night in a small rubber dinghy, got into difficulties and were rescued by brave life guards, there OUGHT to…

“Cycling is all about freedom”

A story about one man’s efforts to help combat climate change through his passion for bicycles.

I am taking up Mindfulness in 2019

There is something about the New Year that makes one want to throw off the old and embrace the new. To me a New Year represents a blank sheet of paper upon which I can…

Reflect on your 2018 achievements

I am a firm believer that you cannot look forward without looking back and taking stock. We are the sum of our experiences. Our psychological DNAs collect our experiences, our joys and disappointments and make…


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