‘What do Women Want?’ jokes are a load of rubbish

There is comedy and then there is something trying very hard to be comedy. So-called comedy sketches about ‘What women want?’ falls into the latter category.  These aren’t funny and are downright boring and insulting to women. As entertainment value, ‘What do women want?’ is a joke that is as old as the hills. Tired repeated formulas […]

Mums, you are your child’s foremost story teller not ‘Sleeping Beauty’

A mother has called for the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale to be banned from schools for fear that a kissing scene featured could encourage ‘inappropriate behaviour’.  Sarah Hall from Newcastle is concerned about the message the scene is sending to her 6-year old son on consensual relations.  A Prince kissing a sleeping woman who, obviously, has not […]

The ‘tough’ woman who thinks a slap or a put down will sort sexual harassment out

Edwina Currie is far from being a good egg when it comes to understanding sexual harassment There is a certain type of woman popping up on the media all gung ho style and jolly hockey stick japes to tout a version of female machismo which, apparently, all women ought to have adopted or should adopt to fend […]

Lib Dem leaders missed a trick in not showing leadership over sexual harassment

It could have been a watershed moment for the party or, if I am being optimistic, even British politics way back in 2013 if the party’s leaders had taken seriously allegations made by female members on their encounters with Lord Rennard. If the leaders had acted differently on the claims and given the women the respect that […]

#metoo groped at a business meeting

It has been more than a week since the news of the sexual harassment carried out by the Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein broke. The scale of his evil acts has become apparent subsequently with more and more victims coming forward with their accounts. On 15 October the actress Alyssa Milano tweeted asking women who had […]