It only takes one woman and on ‘Today’ it was Jo Swinson

Jo Swinson, deputy leader of the Liberal Democrat party, was interviewed on the Today programme by host John Humphrys. At the end of the interview Jo challenged John Humphrys about whether he had apologised to Carrie Gracie over his remarks. Carrie Gracie is the former BBC China Editor who resigned when she discovered her pay […]

We have the vote so why do we worry about silly things like school cake days?

In the 1950s the American baking company, Betty Crocker, introduced a baking mix to make women’s lives easier. Rather than source the ingredients from scratch the company thought that a one-box solution would sell like hot cakes. It didn’t. Puzzled by the slow take-up in a consumer age where women were enthusiastic consumers of electric […]

‘One Photograph’ – feminist mothering poetry about the Holocaust

‘One Photograph’ is a hauntingly beautiful poem which reminds us about how the Holocaust is made up of micro individual stories. In this case it is about a mother and a daughter. Grief is invoked within the reader through a sad reimagination of what happened to individuals in the extermination camps. In this way the reader […]

The sense of entitlement by the President’s Club members was class based

On the 19th of January a group of men described as being of a certain calibre and dressed up like Penguins filed into one of the most expensive hotels in the country feeling mightily pleased with themselves. They had money and had paid a lot of money for a good night out at The Dorchester. What […]